I Have a Dream: A King’s Journey


This exciting dramatization is educational in focus and historical in content. It is designed to stir the emotions and elevate the consciousness of its audience. This presentation will cover highlights of Dr. King’s life from birth January 15, 1929 till his assignation April 4, 1968.

 This performance brings to the forefront many of the lesser known men and women that influenced Dr. King’s life and their role in changing the culture and focus of an entire nation. Included in this performance will be excerpts from the famous “I Have a Dream” speech and other significant contributions of the time. Throughout the performance, very engaging questions are rhetorically posed to the audience for consideration.  This production ends with a connection being made to its present-day relevance.

Due to the interactive nature of this production, the presenting time goes by very quickly with its rollercoaster of events. Although this high-energy, informative presentation is preferred in the month of February, it is not limited to that time.

 Audiences who experience “I have a dream: A kings Journey” are given an opportunity to hear and feel the stories of those historical events and the people involved as though they were actually right there with them.

In addition to Dr. Respect’s performance of “I have a dream: A King’s Journey” around the nation, The DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, IL. has invited “Dr. RESPECT” to perform this one man show in their annual event honoring the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr. for11 consecutive years to an audience of standing room only.